Wine, Cider and Nosh Pairings

We love to make wines and ciders. Preparing foods to pair with our wines and ciders just makes things so much more festive.   The pairings give us the opportunity to bring it all together for our guests to  experience. Each pairing event is a different combination. There are 6-10 pairings during each event. Some of our favorite things to “Nosh” or “Snack” on include Crab Rangoon,  Bratwurst Pastry Bites, Stuffed Basil Bread, Orange Ginger Braised Pork, Potato Pancake with Chives and Sour Cream, Pumpkin and Mascarpone Ravioli and the list is endless.  Tickets are $25.00 All Folks in your party Must be 21+.No food or drink may be brought into the premise. 
                  Winter 2019
Wine, Cider and Nosh Pairing Schedule 
February 24th Sunday at 1 pm
Wine and Chocolate Nosh Pairing           
March 29th Friday at 7 pm
Wine, Cider and Savory Nosh Pairing           
April 19th  Friday at 7 pm
Wine , Fresh Spring Nosh Pairings       
Food Allergy Warning
Our food may contain  peanut, dairy, eggs, or shellfish products. Please  notify us / ask us if you have any concerns, questions.







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