A few of our favorite Wines and Ciders

Dry, Juicy and Sweet !!!

Marquette, Chardonel, Chardonel/ Concord, Frontenac, Margaret's Strawberry,Frank's Strawberry Rhubarb, Paul's Black Plum, Blueberry, Lime in the Coconut, Lemon Sherbet. Pink Grapefruit, Honey wine, Maple Apple Pancake, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Watermelon, Chocolate Dipped Blueberry, Chocolate Dipped Blackberry,Chocolate Dipped Cherry, Chocolate Dipped Cranberry, Chocolate Dipped Orange,  Isabelle's Cranberry,Lorraine's Apricot, Mad Jack Red (black currants and raspberries, Leslie's Crazy and Dangerous, Maple Wine, Fall Town( maple, apple and pear), Kadiekadiddle Hop, Sandi's Beach, Jeffrey's Cranberry Dream(orange and cranberry), Bickel's , Mondeau's Crazy Sunday, Christmas Lights, Edwina's Moon,Nikki's Ocean Breeze, Lime Lemon, Gowies Beach White, Anna's Elderberry, Marion's Black Currant, Hunters Moon, Hadley Acre Farm- Cucumber, Blackberry Buckle, Freddy Red, Oscar's  Wild Red, Crab apple,Olive's Gooseberry and many, many others

Every week we have 3 different Ciders. We  fill 32 ounce Boston Rounds for $20-$22 and a refill for $15-$17. Our Ciders are dry, carbonated and chilled to 32 degrees.Our favorites include Cranberry, Blueberry, Black Current and many more