Our Road Trip

The Really Big Dogs

We opened in November of 2012. In May we expanded and moved to a larger space. After New Years,  it was time to take a break. We wanted to see the other wineries that are situated on the eastern part of the state. So..off we went  to see the Really Big Dogs!

We Visited Jewell Towne first. We met with Dr. Peter Oldak. He is a great resource-historian of  New Hampshire Wine and Grapes. We sampled his wines and purchased several including a Old Vine Zinfandel  which Paul keeps carefully hidden away from me.   Jewell Towne  is indeed  lovely with a cordial staff and pleasant atmosphere .

Flag Hill Distillery was also on our list. Its staff is very educated about their products and the processes. They share their enthusiasm with all who go to visit. We sampled  amazing spirits. The apple brandy is awesome!  Frank the owner is a dynamic leader in the business and certainly inspires everyone he meets, including us !

We arrived at Sweet Baby to find winemaker  Lewis Eaton carving a wheel of very yummy cheese. We were delighted that he was willing to share. Every wine was yummy. He extends his friendship and makes his winery feel like a home, not a business... He is all about hospitality and really good wine..

Zorvino's was like something from a fairytale, a gazebo that overlooks a waterfall and gardens. Hand crafted wooden fixtures including a tasting bar upstairs that was made by Jim, the owner to look like a wine barrel. High lofted ceilings, brick, iron every beauty of nature permeates this winery. It is romantic and woodsy at the same time.. Jim is proud of his winery, his vineyards and his function areas .He is particularly proud of his staff It is obvious that they feel the same for him..

Moonlight Meadery  has so many different meads. Each one so different from the last. Each one pleasing like a book of short stories ,entertaining , page turning.. Our hosts were Rick and Joe. Their interest in Mead is contagious. Time goes by fast when you are there.

La Belles Winery sits on a hill overlooking beautiful views of the area. A pristine venue for a wedding. There is a Bistro, concerts on Thursday evenings, Yoga classes and ceilings that vault upward for what seems like miles.  Although, there are many amenities, the wine tasting area is front and central to everything else going on. LaBelle's is one of New Hampshire's largest wineries Amy and Cesar have done an exceptional job.  The Chardonnay is our favorite. It is crispy and delightful. .We enjoyed every wine that we sampled.    

. We are lucky here in New Hampshire that we have so many really good wineries. Each winery is completely unique from the others. The wines are all completely different even if the grapes, fruit and honey are similar. The most common traits that I see are amongst the winemakers themselves. They are artists who pride themselves in the craft, science  and the love of making seriously great wines .I can't wait until our next road trip!!

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